Top 5 Productivity Blogs You Can Learn From

1. Lifehack.org

Lifehack.org is probably one of the most popular productivity websites available. It covers
everything from mindfulness to the best summer recipes. This can help you become better in
each aspect of your life.

2. The Muse

How do you get money from blogging in Malaysia? You may want to start a blog on
productivity and self-help. It might take a while before earnings arrive, but with determination
and hard work, you will surely get there. You can use The Muse as an inspiration. It presents
good career advice from bloggers and career coaches.

3. Marc And Angel

This blog is managed by professional coaches with a good take on personal development. These
people share the passion of inspiring other people, so they can live their life to the fullest. By just
reading their content, you will feel the need to become your best self.

4. Pick the Brain

Pick the Brain covers self-help topics in a much broader approach. Aside from writing about a
small set of subjects, the website covers anything that is related to self-improvement. If you are
looking for productivity tips you can apply in everyday life, this is the blog you must read.

5. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder’s goal is to help individuals make the most out of their days at the
office. It represents a perfect combination of teamwork advice and personal productivity hacks.
Are you thinking of improving your productivity skills? Check out this blog weekly.