Homes That Stand Out to the Rural Landscape

Are you thinking of living in a rural location? Designing a house in for the rural landscape has its own challenges. Super thanks to talented architects and interior designers, they know how to respond well to these challenges, and build a sturdy home that can stand the test of sensitive landscapes and harsh environments. Below are some homes you can consider as inspiration.

Passive House Retreat – New England

This home is designed based on low-energy passive standards. As per local tradition, it is made of wood shingles, and has no superfluous detailing. It sits delicately and naturally among the meadow wild flowers and grasses. Do you want to build a house like this in your area? The best architecture company in Malaysia can definitely help you with that.

Helvick Head House – Ireland

You may think of Helvick Head House as a compact, rectangular thing tucked on the side of the hills, overlooking the harbor. The living areas with the lower terraces faces the bay, while the upper bedroom terrace opens to an orchard behind. It is built from locally sourced materials, and embodies natural simplicity that still corresponds to local tradition.

Villa Vals – Switzerland

The Villa Vals is the perfect structure you should look at if you want to incorporate a modern take on old subterranean dwellings. The architects buried the house deep on the hillside, leaving all the surrounding nature undisturbed. The form of this building is in contrast with the usual alpine architecture, yet it still connects well with the local building tradition because of its use of many local materials.

Pond House – Maine

This specific home is an assembly of three cottages located at a coastal strip. The living room space is projected out over the pond, while there are two cottages are partly hidden around the woods. Breaking down the home in basic volumes with shingle cladding and pitched roofs gives the structure a coastal settlement appearance, comfortable with the surroundings.