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    The Basic Things You Need to Know About Web Design

    What is website design? Website design determines the overall look and feel of web pages. It is the process of creating and planning all the elements, from the graphics, fonts and images to the layout and structure. This field has various components that should work well together in order...

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    4 Principles of Web Design that Are Key to Today’s Standards

    Introduction Website design services  has been pretty much a dumbed-down version of what it used to be. That is thanks to website-builders and things that allow you to create a website by just doing a couple of clicks. Although there is nothing wrong with that per se, actually thinking...

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    3 Tips For Designing With Mobile Users In Mind

    At this modern age, several people are spending an unlimited amount on time browsing the internet on mobile devices. Based on the web development agency, the shift from desktop to mobile usage had been fast, with a dramatic improvement in mobile traffic in only a few years. Whoever your...

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