Best Gym Guide for Men Over 50s

This is the best gym workout routine for you if you’re a man over 50 who wants to rediscover your youth’s physics and performance. Over the past few years, there has been a transition.

Slowing down, relying on supplements for men, not lifting weights or becoming less involved for men over 50 is no longer the norm.

Alternatively, with slim, fat-free and muscular physiques, pioneers like Stallone, Chuck Norris and Schwarzenegger are leading the way. It’s also about the money. And it’s time for you to get involved with this specifically designed workout plan to take you in just a few weeks from your current condition to that of an athletic man in his prime.

In this guide we’ll tell you all you need to know about keeping fit and active in your 50’s using the gym. If your goal is to drop body fat, boost physical performance, or just enhance your look and feeling…

Staying fit and active in your 50s

Statistics suggest that your fitness level will decrease as you reach 50 years. Why? Because it requires a nosedive level of physical activity. You don’t hit the gym as often as you used to, and when you do, for fear of injury or overdoing it, you don’t force yourself.

But it’s a chicken and egg case, because you will inevitably lose health without working out regularly. And you’re less likely to visit the gym if you lose fitness. Though, it’s not your fault most of the time.

A busy family life and a demanding career meant that the regular gym workouts you once enjoyed went slowly along the way. You’ve put on a few pounds already, don’t sleep as well as you should, and you’re tired and stressed constantly.

The biggest obstacle you cleared–making the decision to get going. And it’s time to make some positive changes now that your confidence is strong. How do I do it? Use strength regimen to drop body fat and build muscle. Improve overall flexibility and feel better with your best workout routine.

Why do people above 50 years old need to train their strength? You may be excited to go back to the gym and throw some iron around again. Or perhaps the idea of mixing it with the younger guys leaves you worried. Either way, this exercise routine is focused on strength training.

And it’s doing the heavy stuff that’s going to get you where you need to be–a lean man over 50 who’s still getting those second looks and recognition. Inactivity can be a serious long-term health issue. There is no question that inactivity is a strong long-term health predictor.

Nevertheless, research also shows that engaging in regular strength training improves health, helping you to reduce the risk of dangerous metabolic diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol, heart disease and cognitive disorders.

Maintaining muscle mass is vital One of the most important reasons you need to do strength training is to maintain lean mass. It not only shows a lack of muscle that you are not working out; it can also affect your health and well-being.

Significant muscle failure due to inactivity is called sarcopenia, and this is a disorder that affects more and more people over 50 years of age. Your muscle protein synthesis slows down without lifting weights. It simply refers to your body’s ability to repair damaged tissue and build new muscle cells.

The consequence is a steady but gradual deterioration in vulnerability and lack of ability to work. Current research indicates that if you don’t have a good train, you can lose as much as 2 percent of the total lean mass every year after age 50

It is common for older people to gain excess weight. Muscle mass is a substance that is metabolized.

Apart from excess calorie intake, one of the main reasons guys over 50 feel that they are piling on the fat pounds is that the loss of muscle mass due to lack of strength training means that metabolic rate is taking a nosedive.

You may be here because of a more progressive development of abdominal fat. Perhaps the point of departure could be sarcopenic obesity–the result of decreased muscle and older adult obesity.

Nonetheless, strength training in gym workouts will help bring the metabolic rate to where it needs to be.

Not only that, but weight lifting is a perfect way to burn your fat every day. That’s because after a workout, it can accelerate fat oxidation for up to 48 hours.

That’s a great way to keep the ticking of your calories at a faster rate.

Testosterone enhancement is the key to improving health and performance.

When you reach the age of 30, testosterone levels begin to fall by around 1-2 percent annually.

It suggests that as many as 40% of guys will be classified as having clinically low levels of hormones by the age of 50.

Testosterone is your catalyst of masculinity.

It’s responsible as the key natural anabolic hormone to make sure you stay lean, build muscle and bone mass. This controls your metabolic health, keeps you strong in libido, and even allows you to remain confident and assertive.

It’s what makes a man a man. As levels drop to what’s known as hypogonadal concentrations, all kinds of side effects start creeping in.

Loss of muscle mass Loss of cardiovascular endurance, endurance, sex drive and libido Increased adipose tissue, especially abdominal fat Increased risk of metabolic disease and even early death

  • Loss of bulk of the muscle.
  • Loss of stamina, endurance, sex drive, and libido.
  • Increased adipose tissue, especially abdominal fat.
  • Increased risk and even early death of metabolic diseases.

But you’ll be happy to know that strength training has been shown to raise testosterone levels and go some distance in men over 50 to reverse low T.

It’s just another explanation why your body and your health benefit from lifting weights.

10 tips to fitness for Men over 50 to stay in shape.

#1. Work on strength training to maintain muscle mass Because of decreased testosterone and protein synthesis, maintaining your muscles hard and lean helps improve the way you look, your physical and functional capacity and also compensates for natural muscle loss.

#2. Hold short and sharp exercises to maximize hormonal response You’re a busy man who doesn’t have the time to spend the whole day in the gym. Fortunately, short and intense exercises have a more beneficial effect on and strength of anabolic hormones.

#3. That’s right. Don’t be afraid when you nailed the technique to lift high.

Start loading up once you have practiced every exercise and mastered the form! Note that heavy weight lifting is the secret to usable muscle power after 50 years.

#4. That’s right. Keep up your daily activity levels.

The key to staying lean is to help your strength exercises with regular activities throughout the day. Whether it’s cycling, sports, fun or physical activities, do your best to move around every day.

#5. Don’t worry. Don’t miss the warm up.

It is important that you keep your muscles, joints and connective tissues healthy by properly preparing them before your workouts as these niggles and aches begin to creep in.

#6. Make sure that you recover from exercises in the gym.

The unavoidable inevitability of aging is that without experiencing exhaustion, you can’t train the whole day.

But you won’t need to do that with daily recovery days and smart preparation.

#7. Don’t worry. Don’t think about pushing yourself.

When it comes to the gym, you get what you put in. And it is unrelated to sex. Push yourself and a bigger, fitter and leaner body will soon reward you.

#8. Perform routine drills for versatility.

With daily agility drills of 3-5 minutes, help your gym workouts. Whether it’s ankle loops, trunk twists or shoulder rolls–it’s perfect for functional durability to retain flexibility.

#9. Make sure your fitness goals are supported by your diet.

Focusing on a nutrient-rich diet and foods and supplements that improve testosterone helps keep your body running like a well-oiled machine.

#10. Build good habits to achieve your goals.

The key to success is to create a positive, balanced lifestyle with healthy habits that you can stick to. There is no point in setting goals that are simply not feasible, so make sure that everything you want is within reach.

Gym Workout Program for the over 50 year olds.

The goal here is to increase muscle mass, increase strength, and shred away any excess fat in 8-12 weeks.

To men over 50 this strength-based exercise is your best gym workout opportunity to make some improvements and throw away the rule book.

Do not mature with grace; age esthetically.

The program is designed around a workout schedule of 3 days per week in the full-body gym.

Muscle splits are not effective here as they stress too much the death of the single muscle. It’s a pretty old way of training school that only maximizes muscle growth in those who can hit the gym many days a week.

But there is a whole lot of research suggesting that the way forward is full-body exercise. And only if you’re over 50, but any competitor in the gym who wants to improve muscle strength.

To make better progress, break your weekly amount into 3 sessions Here’s an example.

Science currently points out that it is a safe way to boost muscle mass and improve strength by reaching 10-12 sets per muscle group per week.

Let’s say you wanted to use a split training approach and on one day you trained your chest. You could throw your pecs in 4 different exercises and do 3 sets each.

And then, until the week after, you’re not exercising the muscle. That’s a week of 12 sets. Great volume for development of the muscle. Now let’s say you’re going to opt instead to do a full-body workout.

You bring in the same four drills, but divided into three separate sessions. For one day you could do a chest press and, for example, fly on another. As long as you’re still hitting your 10-12 sets during the week, you’re going to get the same development.

And as a bonus you’re not going to suffer either from the intense sorrow you get from split preparation. No more headaches and niggles. Just amazing outcome

Number Session 1 Session 2 Session 3

  1. DB Shoulder press BB Front raise Lateral raise
  2. Leg press machine Hack squat machine Leg extension
  3. Lat pulldown grip pulldown Straight arm pulldown
  4. 4 Lying leg curl calf raise DB Deadlift
  5. Assisted dips DB flyes Incline DB press
  6. Split squat Goblet squat DB step ups
  7. BB bicep curl DB triceps extension EZ bar preacher curl