A Mom’s Guide to Their First Trimester

Pregnancy is an incredible journey but it is also fraught with many challenges as well. It
usually divided into three semesters and each one is always important in the
development of your baby.

When you are pregnant, you will feel a surge of different emotions. In fact, mood swings
are rampant in the next nine months so your husband should be doing all of the heavy
stuff, including the installation of a baby car seat.

In today’s article, I will go over some useful tips on how you can go through your first
trimester with relative ease.

What Happens During This Time?
The first trimester begins from the first week of pregnancy until 13 weeks. This is where
the foundations begin to set. The zygote forms when the fertilized egg comes in contact
with a sperm cell and then the resulting embryo reaches and implants itself in the
uterine wall.

Once that process is finished, your baby’s limbs will start to form. Organs will start
taking shape and after a few weeks, your baby will start its first movements.
Here are some of the things that you can expect during this time:

  • Hair and Nails

During the 5 th week, your baby’s skin starts to form, along with
some hair follicles. Nail beds will start to show around the 11 th week.

  • Bone Growth and Formation

When you reach 6 weeks in, your baby will start
to build its bone foundation. This means that their legs, arms, feet, and hands will
start to show and move around week 10.

  • Digestive System

Around week 8, your baby’s digestive system will start to
form. They will start growing a pair of kidneys during this time and their intestines
will start to take its place as well.

  • Heart

Starting week 5, your baby’s heart starts to form and make its first beats.
As the weeks go by, your baby’s heartbeat grows stronger and stronger. By week
9 or 10, you should be able to hear it.

  • Brain

About 8 or 9 weeks, your baby’s brain will start to function and its first
order of business would be to wiggle their growing limbs.

  • Sight

By week 8, your baby’s sense of sight will start to form. By week 8, their
retina will start to grow as well.

  • Touch

Your baby’s touch receptors will start to form around week 8 and will
continue down to their genitals by week 12.

  • Taste

Also during week 8, your baby’s sense of taste will start to develop as

Bodily Symptoms

Your body will experience a lot of physiological changes during your entire pregnancy,
so expect to experience some symptoms associated with this. You may feel some
morning sickness about 6 weeks in. You will notice that your breasts become more
tender during the aforementioned time and your mood swings will become more
frequent come week 7 onwards.

Keep in mind that during pregnancy, you are going to gain some weight. You may also
feel feverish during this time, but do not worry. As long as you follow your doctor’s
orders, everything will be fine.