5 Emerging eCommerce Trends for 2020

1. Customizable products

Knowing how to build an online store in Malaysia is not really that simple. There are plenty of things to understand, and research on. If you really want succeed in the long run, you need to take personalization seriously. Personalize your products for your target market. Alongside that, more and more online shops are leveraging on interactive content such as surveys and quizzes to create customized items that cater to every individual’s preferences.

2. Flexible payment options for huge purchases

This ecommerce trend will help you gain the trust of new customers. If your online store sells expensive products, it can be difficult to convert new clients, simply because they think that buying from you is a risky investment. One of the best things you can do is provide them with flexible online payment methods through systems such as Affirm, Final or Afterpay.

3. Consumers and companies are becoming more environmentally mindful

Operating a “green” business has tons of advantages. At this day and age, more and more people are showing concern for the environment. Keep up with the times, and join them in protecting the world. Lessen your carbon footprints. Reduce your shipping waste by utilizing biodegradable and recycled materials.

4. Google is now an online marketplace

Unless your business and brand is very popular, most of your clients are likely visiting your website through paid or organic searches. Thus, in order to get your offerings at the front for more people, you need to optimize for Google Shopping. This is an powerful sales avenue, and can be an amazing SEO hack for many online shops.

5. Social media shopping

Social media is no longer just a place for shares, likes and cute cat photos. Several social channels are now regarded as mini search engines. In fact, 55% of online shoppers have purchased products directly through a social media post. Many platforms are now making it more convenient for online stores to sell directly through their social media pages through built- in embedded links.