3 Ways to Store Your Watches Safely

For many people, buying quartz watches and mechanical watches in Malaysia is a great hobby.

Are you a passionate watch collector? If you have more than a single timepiece, then clearly, you have a watch collection. Where do you store them? Here are some of options that can help you make sure that they are safe and clean., in case of a fire or burglary.

1. Bank Deposit BoxSafe Deposit Box

A lot of banks offer a specific service in which people can rent deposit boxes from them. All you need to do is pay an annual fee. In that deposit box, you can store your precious jewelry, watches and other important documents. It goes into a safe metal box and safe room. This is the safest way to store your timepiece if you are planning an extended trip.

2. Watch Winder and Storage Boxes

Your dive watches, mechanical watches and other timepieces are valuable. If you want to keep them inside your home, you must store them in a safe spot. Store them at a place where the kids and your pets can’t reach them, and where they can be protected from dust.

One option is store them in a high-quality watch winder. That way, your automatic watches will keep running. There is no need for you to adjust or wind it.

3. Safe At HomeStockinger Safe

To prevent your timepieces from getting stolen, put a safe in your house. Get a quality metal safe from the nearest DIY store. Whether or not it has an electronic lock mechanism, this can keep your valuable timepieces safe and sound. Even you yourself will have a hard time moving it from spot to another. They are heavy, and cracking them open will take a thief several hours.