10 Ways to Drive More E-Commerce Store Traffic without Buying Online Ads

You may have utilized some of the best e-commerce platforms to help build your online store, but the problem now is to generate a lot of traffic that will potentially lead to sales.

Because there are so many different online shops, competition may be fierce. The traffic that you could have gotten may go to some of your competitors.

Now, you might think that you need to spend money on online ads, right? Well, to some degree, that can definitely be useful. However, you can actually promote your store without spending a dime.

Don’t believe me? If you are interested to know how, do read the rest of the article.

1. Upsell

Upselling, to me, is considered a lost art. After all, most people assume that when their competitors are buying ads, then upselling doesn’t work, right?

Well, that is actually quite a common misconception. Upselling does indeed work, provided that you do it the right way.

When you do this, you can instantly increase 10% on your revenue streams. Do not forget about this and I am sure that you will gain more profits.

2. Referral Marketing

Here is an interesting fact: people actually get influenced to buy something if their friend or family member entices them to do so.

This is where Referral Marketing comes in. You basically create a copy where you will entice your customers to promote your website to a friend or family member. When they do, they will get an incentive.

Doing this may be very simple on the surface, but the things that can be gained are actually enormous. Don’t believe me? Well, Dropbox has gained a massive following in just 15 months just because of their referral program. Just think about that.

3. Write with Your Value Proposition in Mind

What makes businesses different from one another? You may be selling the same stuff, but what truly separates business entities apart if their Value Proposition.

Basically, this is something that will let your customers know the difference between you and your competition. By giving them many reasons to buy from you, you will invariably get more customers without having to spend money on buying ads.

4. Increase Your Site’s Speed

One of the important aspects of SEO is site loading speeds. If your website doesn’t load in under 3 seconds, then you will likely lose plenty of customers in the process. Check your site loading speeds and make sure it is optimized.

5. The Power of Social Proof

What is another surefire way to entice people to buy from your store? Social proof. One of the prime examples of this is the review section of your shop.

By letting your customers give their feedback and if they see that a lot of people rate your products high, then that will always lead people to buy from you rather than from your competition.

6. Leverage ‘Mobile’

65% of online shoppers use their mobile devices as opposed to their desktops or laptops, which is why it is important that your website supports these smaller devices.

You can optimize your content to let them fit in a small screen. You can even use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Mobile Test as well.

7. Send Emails to ‘Abandoners’

People who put items in their online carts and then ultimately abandoning them is actually quite common. But, there is still something that you can do to help them get back their carts and make the purchase. That something is known as an abandonment email.

Basically, whenever your customer decides to abandon their carts, you can give them an email stating the reasons why they should go back and make the purchase. Of course, do not state it in a demanding way, but you may have to be as polite as possible.

8. Test Your CTA

Every e-commerce store should always have a Call to Action Button. That “Buy Now” button is just one of the many examples of that. It is basically something that users can click on that will lead them to do something on your site (like buy from you).

9. Send Some Promotional Emails

Assuming that you have a sizable subscriber list, then you may send some promotional emails. This is especially useful for whenever you have some sales and new products that you want to market.

10. Simplify the Checkout

If you want your customers to push through with their checkout, then make the entire process as seamless as possible. If you can make it so that they only have to click up to 3 times, then that would be great!